Our Services

Breeding schemes are moving forward,
so are our services

For Which Crops





Main Services Over Winter

Pacifico Winter Seeds services is a Mexico-based French company that provides specific and personalized research and production seed services to breeders and producers on different crops over winter.

  • Self-pollination for basic seed maintenance or line development
  • Cross-pollination for Hybrid production, breeding-starts, or backcrossing
  • Foundation seed maintenance
  • Hybrid Production
  • Foundation seed maintenance
  • Hybrid Production
  •  Phenotypic Selection
  • Genotyping
  • Marker Assisted Selection
  • Phenotypic Data
  • Disease Resistance Data

All our services provide our costumers with:

  • Personalized advice
  • Agronomic management of the crop
  • Growing degree days monitoring
  • Process tracking
  • Plant count
  • Pollination bags count
  • Weight & number of kernels harvested
  • Logistical support
HOW we work

Seed Quality is our Priority

Quality and purity

Applying the best care and level of technicality

  • Rows and batch ID control
  • Trained staff 
  • Daily monitoring 
  • Off-type removal 
  • Optimal drying

Client experience

Building a relationship of trust with our customers

  • Personalized services
  • Prompt harvest information
  • A team at your service 7/7
  • Process transparency
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Fast seed delivery

Giving you time to prepare your sowing calmly

  • Warm wheather day/night
  • Many teams well organized
  • Quick drying without overheating
  • The best freight forwarders