About us

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Pacifico Winter

Pacifico Winter Seeds Services is a Mexico-based French company that provides specific and personalized research and production seed services to breeders and producers on different crops over winter. 

The company was original created in 2021 by a former Corn Breeder and former Biotech Manager, both with more than 8 years the experience.


New technologies are shifting traditional selection, and the climate crisis is putting pressure on breeders to release new varieties tolerant to the global warming weather effects faster.

Speed-up breeding is now more than ever vital in responding to the climate change challenge. A key tool for seed companies to overcome the challenge is achieving two or three cycles in a single year.


Pacifico Winter Seed Services participates in this international effort by offering numerous options in winter services that our clients need. We do this by innovating throughout the process and by applying the same care and level of technicality as breeders do.

We are committed to obtaining the largest quantity of seeds, with the highest quality and purity, while delivering quickly to give our customers as much time as possible to prepare for their summer activities.

Our Leadership Team

Pacifico Winter Seed Services leadership brings an experience and wealth of knowledge on seeds and agronomics to drive the business forward on his quality and reliability goals. They are both accessible and deeply involved, innovating, and mentoring to ensure the success of the organization and the future development.

Diego Mendizabal


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Agronomy from the Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico) and a Master’s in Plant Genetics from the Agrocampus of Rennes (France), Diego worked as a corn breeder 9 years before founding Pacifico Winter. 

Diego is always looking on how to implement new technologies in the processes he works with and new ways to improve what he does.

Eugenio Pappaterra

Co-founder Co-founder and Logistics & Purchase Director

Eugenio is a Mexican and Venezuelan Engineer from the Universidad de Guadalajara specialized on electric systems and project management. In 2021 he decided to change of career path and has joined Pacifico Winter as co-founder.

Eugenio’s goals at work are to respect timeline, anticipate risks and solve problems with solutions that works for all parties involved.