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Pacifico Winter

Pacifico Winter Seeds Services is a Mexico-based French company that provides specific and personalized research and production seed services to breeders and producers on different crops over winter.

The company was originally created in 2021 by a former Corn Breeder and a former Biotech Manager, both with more than 8 years of experience.

HOW we work

We want to offer the best service

Quality and purity

Applying the best care and level of technicality

  • Rows and batch ID control
  • Trained staff 
  • Daily monitoring 
  • Off-type removal 
  • Optimal drying

Client experience

Building a relationship of trust with our customers

  • Personalized services
  • Prompt harvest information
  • A team at your service 7/7
  • Process transparency
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Fast seed delivery

Giving you time to prepare your sowing calmly

  • Warm wheather day/night
  • Many teams well organized
  • Quick drying without overheating
  • The best freight forwarders

Main Services Over Winter

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Hand Pollination

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Row Isolation

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Isolated Fields

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Nursery Services



We are based in the Bahia de Banderas valley on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, an important tourist destination that benefits from an international airport with several direct flights to destinations all over the world.

The warm winter temperatures in the valley allow a quick accumulation of the total amount of growing degree days (GDD) that crops need to complete their cycle. The conditions in this location allow us to harvest 3-4 weeks before well-known Chilean locations.

Mexico is a GMO-free region that participates in the OECD Seed Scheme since 2002, allowing us to certify seeds recognized in many countries.


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